Bookolica’s support to the 2030 Agenda

Bookolica is a completely free festival, aimed at childrenə, young people and adultsə, with the objective of involving the new generations in order to strengthen the socio-cultural fabric of the area and contribute to a more equitable and sustainability-conscious society.

At its sixth edition, it is now clear that the organisation and very nature of Bookolica are perfectly centred on the creation of an increasingly egalitarian and sustainable future, in line with the goals set by the UN in Agenda 2030. Specifically, the goals impacted by Bookolica VI are as follows.

Goal 4

Bookolica is a festival by young people and for young people. The festival's organising association, Bottega Nomade, collaborates with the University of Bologna, Nati per leggere (Patto per la lettura nazionale) and Patto per la Lettura of the city of Tempio Pausania, and has an important relationship with the territory that lasts all year round, offering various opportunities for workshops, laboratories and educational exchanges, totally free of charge.

Last but not least, art and culture represent an extraordinary tool for social inclusion and for building a society that can truly live up to allə. Bookolica's work involves schools in Northern Sardinia, which are offered educational opportunities for lə students, linked to the promotion of the values expressed in Agenda 2030.

Goal 11
The awareness of a strong local rooting is one of the energies that has pushed Bookolica, over the years, to explore different themes linked to the territory.
It is in Bookolica's DNA to promote reading and direct confrontation with texts and authors as a method of analysing the present and as a means of creating connections, exchanging experiences and best-practices, and as a means of co-creating new ideas to investigate critical issues and propose solutions and innovations that improve the places we live in.

In this edition, the widest space has been dedicated to this exploration, with a posture attentive to grasping transformations of the Gallurese territory and society. Minor and perhaps lateral phenomena and places, still invisible, are addressed, between resistance and innovation, between memory and attempts at change, architectures and projects as relational practices, rich in memorial and urban power, responses to narrative crises of places that can surprise for their dormant energies.
Every event leaves a mark on the place that hosts it, which is why Bookolica has always had in its aims the valorisation and respect of the territory.
Goal 13
Bookolica this year on the climate change front has decided to keep on:

  • Talking about the environment and climate change through a specific section of the Festival coordinated by Prof. Massimo Carta, architect and researcher at the University of Florence;
  • implementing practical actions such as the elimination of plastic bottles, the usage of recycled paper etc.
  • Green Manager: Massimo Carta