The true story of Pinocchio

In the illustration of Bookolica VI

The illustrations in Bookolica VI are inspired by the true story of Pinocchio, one of the best-loved stories of all time.


Sabrina Morreale, illustrator, trainer and architect at Lemonot, has recovered and studied the period illustrations, exploring them from a new angle, revealing their depth and hidden beauty.


The fairy tale created by Carlo Collodi, transports us into a world of magic and teachings.

At its heart is the Blue Fairy, an enigmatic and gloomy figure, often depicted with a blue dress and butterfly wings. The Blue Fairy symbolises destiny and protection, but also fragility and death. It is she who gives life to the wooden puppet and guides him on his path of growth and transformation. Her dark aura reminds us that life is a balance between joy and pain, growth and challenges.


In addition to the Blue Fairy, another intriguing element that surfaces in the historical illustrations of Pinocchio and is little known to most is that of the black rabbits. These tender, hopping animals are often present in the most playful scenes of the tale, symbolising joy and lightness, but also fragility and mystery. Their black colour may suggest the dark side of life, but at the same time represents the beauty of the unknown.


Finally, Toyland, the place that embodies desire and temptation. Behind the festive appearance hides a warning: the pursuit of pleasure without limits can prove deceptive and lead to negative consequences.

A warning linked to the moral precepts of the time, which the artist has translated into lighter, more imaginative symbols to create a bridge with new educational philosophies that instead promote play as a tool for growth and knowledge. The image of Bookolica VI takes us on an adventure of legends and symbolism, inviting us to discover, image after image, its hidden meaning.