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The Martinican writer Patrick Chamoiseau lands in Sardinia for a unique literary tour, starting right from Tempio Pausania.

On Wednesday, May 8th at 11:30 AM, at the Dettori High School, the author will meet with students and present his work "Texaco," reissued in 2004 by Il Maestrale in the "Narrativa-Tascabili" series. Readings by Fulvio Accogli.

At 6:30 PM, still at the high school, the meeting will be open to the city, and the central theme of this new 2024 edition will be discussed: identity/alterity.

The goal is to spread the work and message of a great writer like Chamoiseau and to focus on the themes that have created that relationship of esteem and friendship with the translator of the novel: the Sardinian writer Sergio Atzeni.

This project was made possible thanks to the contribution of the City of Tempio Pausania, which sees us alongside two other literature festivals in Sardinia: Cabudanne De Sos Poetas and Éntula, with the main partner being the G. M. Dettori High School, the Euromedittteraneo Institute, and the Eurispes Sardegna.

Reference books: "Texaco" (Il Maestrale, 2004); "Quando cadono i muri" (Nottetempo, 2008); "Elogio della creolità" (Ibis, 2000); "Il vecchio schiavo e il molosso" (Il Maestrale, 2005), "Écrire en pays dominé" (Editions Gallimard, 2016).

Preview Bookolica 7