IL MUTO DI GALLURA (Italy, 2021) by Matteo Fresi

1st September
9:30 p.m.
La Maddalena - Piazza Ferracciu
Movie (103 minutes) - Followed by discussion

Film screening (103 minutes). Gallura in the mid-nineteenth century is the backdrop for a legend that becomes a tale: Il muto di Gallura (The Mute of Gallura) is the film adaptation of Enrico Costa's novel of the same name, which recounts the criminal epic of the bandit Bastiano Tansu. Deaf-mute from birth and for this reason marginalised, Bastiano is dragged into the feud between the Vasa and Mamia families by the patriarch of the former, Pietro Vasa, to avenge the murder of his brother Michele: his infallible aim will turn him into the most feared assassin of the time, in one of the bloodiest feuds in the island's history, which caused the death of over seventy people.
Fresi's work, the only Italian film in the 2021 Turin Film Festival competition, will be screened on 1 September in La Maddalena, in Piazza Ferracciu, followed by a debate with the director.