2nd September
10:30 a.m.
La Maddalena - appuntamento presso Piazza Garibaldi
Creative workshop for children (5-9 years) by Cargomilla

Reservation required, maximum 8 participants


For info and bookings contact +39 3468803715


Creative workshop for children (5-9 years old) organised by Cargomilla, an association for social promotion that deals with recreational activities for early childhood, with the aim of making children reflect on how much richness there is in diversity, focusing on how a portrait can be the result of a subjective perception that is different for each person and changes depending on the point of view of the observer. In this it is fundamental to train ourselves to be empathetic and respectful of the body and space of the person with whom we relate in order to build relationships that are consensual and never of violent imposition.