Saturday 16th September
4:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Tempio Pausania - Piazza Gallura
Meetings and interviews with the authors and protagonists of the festival curated by Alessandro De Rosa

Bookolica Podcast proposes to stop in some interviews not only the protagonist, the work presented, and some of his reflections that preceded his arrival at the festival, but also to analyse and put into perspective the experience made during the days of the festival, the contaminations and germinations derived from meeting the other guests and participating in the various debates and dialectical moments.

Bookolica Podcast, in short, sets itself the twofold objective of decentralising that moment of encounter typical of the festival, and transforming it from live-local to on-demand-global, while at the same time showing what lies between the events proposed to the public, the important creative forge of the backstage, which is generated through the exchange of content, ideas, projects and reflections not only with the public and thanks to the public, but also among the guests themselves.

Bookolica Podcast's editorial director will be Alessandro De Rosa, composer, official biographer of Ennio Morricone and for many years author and radio speaker at Radiotelevisione Svizzera di Lingua Italiana.