Friday 15th September
11:00 p.m.
Tempio Pausania - Piazza del Carmine
Live concert with original music by Angelo Trabace (piano) and Alessandro Trabace (electric violin)

Original music by Angelo Trabace (piano) and Alessandro Trabace (electrified violin) 

Pianist and composer Angelo Trabace presents his instrumental work 'Sbarco' (Sugar Music Publishing/Believe Music Italia) in an electrified chamber music concert, shared with the violin and soundscapes of his brother Alessandro Trabace. 'Sbarco' is an intimate exploration out of time: its sonic narrative seeks to combine their folkloric, popular cultural matrix with contemporary minimalist research, classical training with improvisation, the cracks of the South and the mists of the North. An imaginary and dreamlike 'Landing' capable of bringing together Debussy and Cipriani, Glass and Carpi, as if it were the soundtrack of a personal film.