Giuseppe Festa, L'estate dell'orsa maggiore.

14th September
6 p.m.

In the green heart of the Apennines there is a bear cub in distress. Orphaned and starving, she is rescued by the staff of the Abruzzo National Park. Morena - this is the name given to the little bear - is four months old, weighs just three kilos and is not yet weaned: in these conditions, her fate seems to be that of a life in captivity. Perhaps, however, all is not lost, and in order to give the little bear the chance to run free in the woods again, biologist Roberta and her colleagues at the Park decide to try something that has never been tried before. In The Summer of the Great Bear, Giuseppe Festa retraces Morena's story through the memories and testimonies of those who, by caring for her, ultimately saved even themselves, learning to look at the world with renewed wonder. But just as we see the moment approaching for Morena to return to wild life, a new challenge presents itself: another puppy is in danger, and it must be helped before it is too late. In a journey between past and present full of suspense and twists and turns, Giuseppe Festa reveals the true essence of the Marsican bear: an intelligent and majestic creature, dramatically at risk of extinction, that sums up the extraordinary richness of our natural heritage and the urgency of caring for it.