Andrea Fantini, Un autunno caldo.

9th September
6:00 p.m.
Crisi ecologica emergenza climatica e altre catastrofi naturali, Codice Edizioni, 2023

The accumulating evidence on biosphere and climate alterations has long prompted a reconsideration of our presence on Earth. The very definition of the Anthropocene raises not only technical and scientific questions, but also social and political ones. Is the crisis we are experiencing really the result of the activity of a universally mindless and voracious species? Or is it rather the result of a particular economic, social and political system - stemming from centuries of plunder and conflict - whose processes of reproduction are incompatible with the regenerative dynamics of the biosphere? Interweaving environmental and energy history, ecology and political economy, A Hot Autumn reconstructs the enormous human impact on planet Earth and analyses its consequences. Reaching a conclusion that is as simple as it is radical: rather than betting on some technological miracle, to overcome the current crisis it is necessary to transform the system that produced it. Our species has always managed to adapt to a variety of environmental conditions, but to do so it has gone through catastrophes, revolutions, failures and changes of course. And now we are at a crossroads that forces us to imagine a different way of being in the world.