Bookolica VI

Nella sesta edizione di Bookolica prosegue il percorso d’indagine sulle varie forme di violenza.

The sixth edition of Bookolica keeps on focusing on the investigation into the various forms of violence.


Last year the focus was on its origins and the bodily dimension, this year the work dissects its most insidious psychological traits and goes as far as overturning entrenched paradigms in order to overcome them and envisage new solutions. A transformation that only art, in its thousands of multifaceted forms, can achieve.


Pinocchio - emblem of disobedience - and Toyland - iconic place of perdition - appear in a totally new meaning, to claim the right to play and to a childhood not dominated by the repressive rules of adults but, rather, by the freedom to learn and grow with joy, cultivating the gift of imagination and desire. Here the 'lie' is not fiction but the power of imagination, indispensable for building oneself and one's space in the world.

The focus on children through the reading of texts dedicated to them and creative workshops to develop their skills and talents continues to be a constant feature of Bookolica this year.


Without forgetting that the violence of lies and deception are traps in the 'adult world'. Hence a broad exploration that crosses investigative journalism, the world of football, the places where we live, art itself, to denude them and bring to light the beauty of truth.

In this sixth edition, the ways of participation increase through meetings with authors, presentations of new publications, panels, exhibitions, workshops, music readings, laboratories and reading islands, participatory artworks, street and poster art, concerts, literary aperitifs, podcasts and the events of 'Retrobottega', the digital soul of the Festival. 

Because the 6 of Bookolica, 6 you. And in this sixth edition we invite you to share with us and get involved in the way that suits you best, stories of love and respect, against violence.